Memorial Plaques - custom, personalized - made to last!

Memorial plaques suitable for outdoor or indoor placement with a look of elegance and quality that our competitors cannot match. All memorial plaques are custom made etched zinc plaques with complete personalization. Your plaque, your copy, no limits to the amount of words or lines. Our plaques are made to withstand the harshest environments, they are etched zinc - no rusting or (turning green - like brass) with a double coat of clear urethane for added protection. Long lasting no matter what the environment.
Each plaque is custom made for you and feature personalization with person or pet's name, and other copy that makes the plaque totally unique. We feature garden plaques, park bench plaques, memorial plaques, dedication plaques, room numbers, address markers, hotel signage, restroom signs as well as a full line of pet memorials - markers including Rainbow Bridge pet memorials.Order securely online - we use Paypal - we do not collect any financial information.

•  Memorial Plaques do not corrode, rust or tarnish, and are suitable for the outdoors with a very long life.

Screws are not provided, as we do not know what type of material you will be mounting the plaque and what type of screw you will need.

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  • Recognition Plaques Made With a Personal Touch

    Park Bench Plaque Fornier bronze white 7560

    A Memorial Plaque specializes in several types of plaques that commemorate loved ones. All pieces are customized to your specifications and aesthetic desires, ensuring that your plaque is as unique as the person whom you are celebrating.

  • Boy Scout Award Plaques


    water boat lake river

    The Boy Scouts of America is a values-based organization that teaches young men an honorable code of conduct, instilling in them values and skill sets that will last a lifetime: discipline, respect, solidarity, leadership, outdoor skills, first aid, etc. For nearly a century, troop leaders have been imparting The Scout Law to scouts: "A scout is loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent." What better way to honor specific troops and individuals involved with this upstanding organization than with high quality, customized plaques that permanently commemorate a range of impressive skills and values? A Memorial Plaque suggests and offers several types of scouting award plaques to ensure that the best efforts and achievements are duly celebrated.

  • 5 Famous Memorial Plaques Throughout History

    RESOLUTE DESKMemorial plaques have been used throughout history to commemorate and memorialize historical moments in time and extraordinary people. This article shares some of the more interesting and famous memorial plaques which are in public view.


    Resolute Desk Plaque

    The Resolute Desk, also known as The Presidential Desk, is a large, iconic, ship-wood desk constructed from the remnants of the Arctic exploration ship Resolute. Originally a gift from Queen Victoria to Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880, it was first brought to the White House by Jackie Kennedy for John F. Kennedy's use. It is still used today by current President of the United States, Barack Obama, and ..............




  • Epitaph and Memorial Quotes: How to commemorate a loved one


    How to Commemorate a Loved One

    Trying to find the perfect words to articulate the impact that a loved one had on you and the world is arguably almost impossible. The purpose of an epitaph is to succinctly praise the virtues of a person who has passed away and to forever remind of the unbreakable bond shared with them. Ultimately, when creating a permanent tribute to a deceased loved one, there are several suggestions you can follow for choosing the perfect commemorative epitaph or quote.